Our Mailing Address
Little A'Le'Inn
9631 Old Mill St
Rachel, NV 89001
Bus: (775)729-2515
Fax: (775)729-2551
Nevada State Rules
No smoking in rooms or restaurant
Alcohol 21 years of age with ID
GPS Coordinates
N37° 38.801′
W115° 44.760′

WINTER HOURS start October

8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday to Thursday
8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday
Kitchen closes at 7 p.m.

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     Pat (the owner) has been in business for over 25 years providing food, lodging, and a friendly staff to make your visit a pleasant one. We hope you enjoy your time spent with us. We have entertained visitors from all over the world. We love to meet new people and make new life friends as we have done over the many years. We hope you are to be one of those new visitors and friends in the very near future.

     Pat and Connie, along with the staff at the Little A'Le'Inn, would like to welcome you and we hope to see you soon.There are many things to do here and plenty of trouble to get into if you do not read the warning signs posted near Area 51.

     We have maps, all sorts of alien goodies to sell, and other items so we can help you find your way around this vast oasis. Again, should you have questions be sure to ask us or use the "contact us" link at the bottom of each and every page.

     Make certain to check out our events page so you can make arrangements to be here when the really fun stuff is going on. Until then, stay safe and healthy.

Little A
Back in 1990 we decided to aspire to the surrounding area and embrace what this town of Rachel was really all about during this period in history. Thus the name of the Little A'Le'Inn was born. Some believe the name to sound like an inn that serves ale (ale inn), while others believe it to mean alien. We leave this up to you to decide. We like the sounds of both.

There are so many memories, so many wonderful people, and so many good times that have been had here in our little establishment. Thank you all for what you have allowed us to do here. This has been my life's dream. Some of those who have shared this dream have passed on and will be remembered forever each and everyday as we pass through the Little A'Le'Inn's front doorway on our way ...... to serve you.

Look up as the truth lies there. Always keep your eyes to the skies whenever you can. You just never know when that special event will happen. At those times there may be no answers, leaving you only to wonder what just happened or what you saw, and having to ask more questions... getting no answers. Life is a mystery, enjoy the ride.

The events and unidentified flying objects we see and only hear at times in this area often leave us shaking our heads. The unknown is what we live for. The times when logic escapes us and the knowledge of things to come are before us. We welcome it all.

Lincoln County Tours
We have several areas of interest around us. Please enjoy this info.

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Clay4 & whtwolfden!

Geocaching - Great Outdoor Fun
The last invasion was compromised and defeated. But now heavy alien activity has once again been noticed in the skies over a remote area of the Nevada desert. These aliens love geocaching are determined to provide caches for humankind to enjoy.
It is reported that there are no less than
1500 caches stretching across the Extraterrestrial Highway and beyond! All the caches in this series are on the north side of the road. So for safety reasons, this series should be done going north bound (from Ash Springs towards Warm Springs) start with 0001 and work your way to 1500.
Some important things to recognize when venturing out to do this series:

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